2024’s top three platforms for Content Creators

Social media platforms are of utmost importance when it comes to creating creative creations. There are plenty of them available in today’s day and age and choosing one can be a tedious job. Thus, in this article, we will be talking about 2023’s top three content creation platforms for digital creators namely, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Two of these, namely Instagram and LinkedIn have also been discussed in detail in our content creation course. We will cover what makes a platform best for content creation, an introduction to all the platforms mentioned, the stats of the platforms, and how these platforms can help you grow. Let’s start with the characteristics that make a platform best for content creation.

What makes a platform best for content creation,

  1. Consumer base- A larger participation from your potential audience on a content creation platform will ensure greater reach and hence the prospect of more conversions.
  2. Content type- Different content creation platforms are suited for different content types for example, Instagram is suited for short videos while YouTube is for long videos. However, LinkedIn is great for written content.
  3. Analytics- Having access to your content’s performance is a great boon for your journey as a digital creator. This feature helps you strategize better and understand consumer behaviour.
  4. Monetization- It is a given that any platform that provides opportunities to create capital is more suited. We all have witnessed many influencers grow through this feature. TikTok surely has taken the market upside with it.
  5. Content Ideas- Platforms ideal for discovering new content ideas or new content types can help creators customize their content in such a way that keeps their consumers interested in their profiles.
  6. Community- Content creation platforms with an interface that allow creators to build community through conversation through DMs, comments, likes, emotions, etc. serve in their growth.

Now, let’s learn about our favourite content creation platforms based on their content type, consumer base, monetization opportunities, and community building.



The 4th most used social media platform, Instagram is only after Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp respectively with a consumer footprint of about 1.5 billion per day. Instagram is recorded to be the most downloaded application and consumers between the age of 22 to 36 dominate the platform. Since the platform has a global audience and for digital creators, the target audience plays basic role, it is important for you to note that about 250 million Instagram users which is also the highest for a country, are from India. In fact, reports show that 15 out of 20 most popular songs on the platform are by Indian artists. 

Moving on, as a digital creator looking for the most suited application for your work, knowing about the type of content a platform pushes in the market is important. Instagram is a visual content platform inclined towards short videos. It provides features to analyze and track your content’s performance that can help you customize your content according to your target audience and strategize the same accordingly. You can build a community around your brand through interaction and engagement opportunities that the platform provides. Remember to post at least once per day.

Did you know? Surveys have shown that Instagram is the Number 1 social media platform for people to connect with brands. This means, if you are a brand, consumers expect to find you on Instagram, and as a creator, collaboration with brands or other influencers will ensure more conversions and monetary benefits. 



YouTube, is the 3rd most popular searched term on Google, it is also the 2nd most visited website in the world. It has a consumer footprint of more than 13 billion every month with about 55% of male consumers and creators. It is important to note that almost all Androids come with a pre-downloaded YouTube app all the most making it even easier to access. Thus, the consumer base makes it a very promising platform for content creators.

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Next, we will talk about the content type. YouTube is a video content platform. Mostly long forms of content are published here however, after the recent rollout of their ‘shorts’ feature in 2020, it allows content of 1 minute to be published as well that according to the most recent stats has 14.9 billion daily views. Hence, for video content creators, YouTube is the best place to make a presence. You can gauge the importance of this platform from the simple report that 7 lac hours of video is streamed on this platform every day which is more than Netflix at 4 lac 55 thousand hours. Further, music, gaming streams, comedy, and sports are the top niches streaming on the platform. Engagement opportunities make this platform even more attractive for creating a loyal community. Not to forget, analytics of your content makes it even easier to track your performance and curate your content accordingly. It is recommended to post consistently on the platform, daily, weekly, or biweekly.

Now, YouTube provides a proper channel to help its customers create money. Through its YouTube Partner Program, creators can earn through ads displayed on their video content. The eligibility for the same is an Adsense account, 1k subscribers, and 4k watch hours in a year complying with the platform’s guidelines. Note that India has the highest Ads reach with more than 465 million users.


If you are looking out to be a content creator to target professionals, LinkedIn is just the right place to be. Not only the platform is responsible for more than 5 recruitments per minute, but it also has a global footprint of more than 860 million users dominated by ages between 22 to 38 years. 2023 has seen its global base increase by almost two times and its expanding market fields suggests that leveraging this space can only increase your business prospects.

An ideal place for professional networking, through content creation, you can build authority around your niche and share your expertise with a wider audience leading to more conversions. Just like the above, LinkedIn provides an analytics feature as well thus making it even easier to track your content’s performances and make relevant tweaks to strategize the same. Since the platform is a professional social network space, articles, blogs, infographics, videos, or even podcasts that provide professional developments, career advice, or well-researched views over the latest topic in your field are relevant to be shared. Aim to post at least once per week.

Although LinkedIn does not provide a direct monetization program to its creators, it is noteworthy that according to a survey, more than 40% of marketers have listed LinkedIn as one of the most useful mediums for conversions. The engagement stats of the platform are higher than its other creative counterparts and above everything, the best thing about LinkedIn is that 80% of its users are the decision-makers for their companies which makes it the best place to showcase and get service opportunities directly from them.


Thus, if you are a content creator or are pursuing to be one, pick your best fit and start creating. The stats are in your favour depending on your forte. Consistency is the key. Remember to study your audience’s behaviour to create the best opportunity for yourself. Pro Tip- Publishing on multiple media and cross-promoting on them is a great way to reach a diversity of audiences. 

All the best!

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