How to Make Content Viral?

Content development is a full-time job and creating creative creations that can go viral is the dream that all creators share. First, let’s get clear about what viral content is. Any content that is widely liked, shared, or and is engaged with over the internet through social media is viral content. Such content can typically change form to memes, remixed music, humor, or even make it to the news. Viral content serves creators in many ways. Firstly, it creates awareness about the brand, drives traffic, increases followers, and as a result leads to a great monetization opportunity for products and services linked to your content. 

So now we will share with you some great ways to make your content go viral.

Know your target audience

It’s all about the audience. Once you have started your content creation journey, remember that it is the audience who is responsible for your growth. Identify which people will resonate with your niche, where they live, what they do, what interests them, their struggles, requirements, their active timings, everything. Curate your content accordingly. You can do so using data analytics, competitor analysis, market research, and asking your audience directly using various features on social media.


It is a powerful tool that helps expand your reach. Search Engine Optimization is used to help your content rank higher while searching. It ensures higher visibility of your content as optimization ensures more traffic toward your content and gives you an edge over other creators in your niche who do not use it thus increasing its chances of going viral.

High-quality content 

High-quality content is called so based on many parameters. This is the age of visual content, sharp creative creations that have attractive appeal to them, adding music, using a good lens and audio equipment, providing value to the audience, being original, relatable, and more. 

Multiple social media platforms 

This is a great way to increase your chances of getting viral. Share your content over multiple social media platforms customizing your timings and content type according to the platform to reach more people. Use relevant hashtags accordingly. To ensure this, you can use content scheduling tools, research keywords, or hashtag tools so that you don’t miss out and your content gets published automatically even when you are out of network coverage areas. Cross-promote your content over various media channels.

Emotional connection

The shareability of content is what makes it viral. Amongst other steps that you take, using emotions like nostalgia, humor, motivation or others will establish connection and relatability with your content that eventually converts into shares.

Original content/USP

Keep it original. It is given that every content or topic that you take has already been spoken about. What makes it different from others in your niche or industry is ‘You’. This factor is why your audience gives their time and attention to your creative creation because you have a Unique Selling Point. This is a very important and non-negotiable point.

Relatable and  trending content 

Know the headlines every day. Listen to what people are talking about. What is trending and how can you leverage it to your benefit? If the topics connect with your niche, use them. Social media trends, audio, effects, or even ideas that take rounds should be highly considered to increase the chances of creating viral content.

Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration with other creators ensures greater reach. Not only does this step increase your credibility among your audience, but you can also create different types of content that can attract the attention of new audiences.


This step ensures retention of the audience through trust, user experience, and belongingness. Asking for feedback, replying on all social media channels over comments and DMs, thanking for support, or asking engaging questions can highly affect your chance of getting viral content. 

User-generated content 

This is the most pocket-friendly way to create brand awareness thus increasing your following, trust, and credibility that can convert to viral content. User-generated content is content created by an unpaid audience. You can strategize a campaign and engage your audience to create the content you want. 

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Algorithms over various social media platforms are such that it pushes more traffic toward more active creators. Logically too, more content increases your chance of viral content. Having said that, take care that you do not leave your audience overwhelmed and contribute to their burnout. Post frequency is an important point that content creators should care about. For example, for Instagram, posting once a day or 3 to 4 times a week ensures better visibility however, for Twitter, posting 3 to 5 times a day is recommended for better visibility.

Even one viral content can help you monetize your services on a different level. To reap its benefit over a longer period of time, make a habit of content planning and strategizing. Use tools like Hootsuite, Trello, etc. to work smarter. Keep details of publishing over multiple social media channels and also track their performance to strategize your upcoming content accordingly. Never stop learning. Sign up for a good content creation course.

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