How to Use AI for Content Creation

Let’s start simply. The term content creation is the act of creating and sharing content which includes everything from written articles, videos, podcasts, music, designs, books, and more with an audience. And AI?

Well, AI or artificial intelligence is an amazing phenomenon where machines are programmed to replicate the processes of human intelligence. Such programming can be as simple as a geyser automatically heating water once cold to as complex as self-driven cars. Virtual assistance is another great example that I am sure you can relate to.

And how exciting it is when these two come together i.e. AI content creation! Fascinating right? I shall further simplify this process for you. 

AI tools are built by feeding on large amounts of training data that the systems analyse for correlations and patterns and accordingly make predictions. It is how the chatbots give a humane experience of interaction. Now, let’s learn how content creators can make creative creations by exploiting AI tools. 

Here are tools that shall help you in each step of content creation,

Niche Selection: ChatGPT, is the best AI tool that you can use for this research. You can prompt the tool to give you the best niche for a certain platform or relevance etc. Once you get an answer, further you can ask it for sub-niches and select the one that suits you the best.

Content Calendar: The best tools I found are ChatGPT and for this purpose and the processes are fairly easy. 

You prompt ChatGPT what kind of content schedule you require and voila! The tool generates a calendar to cater to your needs. Of course, you can make the required changes as per need and modify it further. 

With Predis, a calendar feature is already present in the tool and you can schedule the same on various platforms. Important event dates are mentioned in the calendar too. 

Catchy Titles: There are many tools that can be used to solve this problem. Eg., an AI headline generator that creates titles through various inputs like target size, genuine requirement, and alternatives required. Other tools include Semrush title generator and A specific YouTube title generator for videos is AISEO’s YourTube title generator. You can choose any of these according to your content type.

Content for blogs: Tools like BlueConic, AI Writer, Peppertype, and WriteMe.Ai help you come up with such content. BlueConic analyzes audience needs and interests and tailors content accordingly. AI Writer is a very diversified platform that provides every kind of writing solution be it content, blog, copy etc. In addition to post-related templates, the tool even provides specific citations for quality containment. Peppertype on the other hand is a one-stop solution for everything you need while writing. It shall rephrase sentences, and format, and check for grammatical errors and plagiarism. Last but surely not least, WriteMe.Ai provides assistance with all kinds of writing techniques, commercial or creative, Long or short. Project management through this tool becomes highly easy.

Scripting: To shorten the time and energy invested, here are some AI tools that can help you, ChatGPT, you can prompt the tool to create or convert a required article into a script. ShortlyAI, JasperAI, and Writesonic help you write copies and Ads. Other tools include TextCortex AI and ContentBot.

Images/Videos/Audios: For video edits, Adobe Premiere is a great tool to transcribe source media in minutes. Adobe Audition is an audio AI tool, that enhances the audio quality and creates the best quality content. 

Captions: With specific prompts, ChatGPT can be put to good use, IQhastags is another great tool that not only analyzes Instagram profiles but also helps with relevant captions that can completely change the engagement of your content and subsequently your profile. too can be used for this. 

Hashtags: AI tools for Hashtags include, ChatGPT, and IQhastags.

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I hope your lives shall be simpler and your content more unique now that you know multiple tools that can help you reach a greater audience at a faster rate. AI tools are a boon to the content creation world for sure. In an efficient way, content creators can now write, edit, research, and reach a wider audience. At last, it must be remembered that these tools are made to support and enhance human creativity and not replace their skills and expertise. With this thought in mind, AI tools can be used to their full potential.

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