How do you generate ideas for Content Creation

If your business or services depend on creating content, this article is just for you. Creating creative creations is a consistent and elaborate process and struggling with generating ideas can be highly demotivating. 

So, we have for you the top 12 really amazing ways to help you overcome this hindrance, and by using these ways, you shall always have tons of content creation ideas. 

Let’s start!

  • Google suggestions

All of us head straight to Google search when searching about any topic and while we start typing, Google tries to autocomplete our sentence by showing us suggestions that are based on recent, most searched options, predicted to be searched, and related options. 

Thus, you can use these suggestions and see if they align with your niche and start creating.

Other than suggestions, after searching for a topic, at the bottom of the page, Google shows ‘Related searches’. This is also a valuable section that can help you come up with new ideas.

  • Social Media Buzz

All of us create posts for our followers but did you know that your followers can be your biggest asset for content creation ideas? How? Well, it’s simple. Tap on your followers list and visit a few of your followers’ profiles. Read the profile. The topics they are talking about, their interests, and the kind of content they are interacting with. It gives you a whole new perspective of the needs and interests of your audience and you can add such ideas to your list.

You can also read trend-setting profiles in your niche and create content using those topics or effects to create content. This will also help you reach a greater audience.

  • Review old posts

Your old posts are mine for content creation ideas. Visit these posts and look for the former information that you shared. See if they need updation or if there has been an important perspective that you have learned now and can share with your audience, or if you have left an important point that can now be presented. Note these ideas and start creating.

  • Brainstorm with Peers

There is a very popular quote that you too might know- ‘Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas.’ So, discuss content creation ideas with your peers. Join communities related to your niche. Participate in discussions and ask questions. Observe, and learn new perspectives and interests. See how you all can use your particular expertise to create content together. 

Once I was in a storytelling workshop and we were discussing writer’s block. We were taught to power through it through a simple exercise few people (writers or nonwriters) came together and came up with 10 words and associated an emotion with it and then made a story. Inspired by this technique, content creators can take up a topic and come up with 10 words associated with it and create new ideas. We do it on a regular basis. Try it!

  • Resource your Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitor’s social media platforms and their websites to understand what is working for them, the gaps in your content strategy, and new content creation ideas. Pay attention to the topics they are discussing and analyze what can be useful for your content.

  • Know your audience

I have and will keep stressing the importance of knowing everything about your audience. Right from their location, to their active online hours, their age, their interests, struggles, behavior, everything. 

This simple exercise will help you to strategize your content in a better way and come up with highly engaging ideas, answer their queries, and fill the gap between your delivery and their perception. 

  • SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is a powerful way to come up with new content ideas through keyword research that has not been covered by other creators but has a high search volume. SEO tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Google Search Console are some of the best tools that you can leverage for your benefit. In fact, you can also research keywords used by your competitors and analyze them for your content. 

  • Repurpose Blog Content

This is rather an efficient method to convert your well-researched blog posts into various other content types that suit different content creation platforms. You can link your original post with these new posts and lead your audience to find it as well. 

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  • List your ideas for long 

Each time you decide to publish your content-generating ideas at the same time will burn you out after a while. Hence, plan ahead. Generate ideas for a month or two together. Not only will this step save you time for further processes of content creation, but you shall also always be aware of how much you have planned and when you have to schedule your next brainstorming session.

  • News/Recent events

Keep an eye out for current news and events that may align with your niche. Such hot topics may calm down after a few days or a few hours but they surely benefit you as a creator as a large number of consumers might be following them.

  • Reviews 

As creators, we use many products that might be associated with our niche. If not, audience interest in a creator’s review of products creates great interest that can be leveraged to come up with new ideas using these products or services.

  • Topic generator platforms

Searching for a keyword or a topic using topic generator platforms like Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator, Answer the Public, and BuzzSumo can be very helpful in brainstorming various perspectives, and angles for content creation ideas.

Pro Tip- Do not underestimate the power of learning. Read blogs, watch information videos. Enroll yourself in a good content creation course program. 

We sincerely hope that the ideas mentioned in this article will help you create the best ideas for creating content that will not only provide value to your audience but also expand your reach.

Keep creating!

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