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Learning is an age-long process and with changing times the need to change the type of courses and modes of learning is unavoidable. And that’s where Bizgurukul serves society by introducing and working on those courses that are the need of this digital age and are trending and promising. Not only that, this Ed-tech giant works relentlessly to help students earn using these courses as well. As you continue to read below, you will understand the power of the Bizgurukul courses as well.

Becoming a successful Digital creator is not only trending but also a very profitable job. However, traditional education still has a long way to go to recognise this stream of career and so, some of us have practised learning these content creation skills while others sought experts and there emerged content creation courses. Digital courses for digital skills! These courses focus on content creation, online business building, and various skills that allow you to work from home too!

So, now let’s dive into some amazing Bizgurukul courses and learn what lies inside. 


Content Creation Mastery Course

One of the best Bizgurukul courses in the market right now, this content creation course is for students, beginners, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and basically anyone interested in content creation.

A four-week long course, Content Creation Mastery is a complete guide that focuses on all aspects of digital content creation starting from niche discovery, target audience, strategies to expand your reach, the art of storytelling, script writing, basics of video creation, editing, designing tools, brand engagement techniques, data insights and monetisation. It is important for you to know that all these aspects are focused on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to help you ace the top content creation platforms that push specific content types in the market. This does not end, this elaborate course goes a step ahead and even provides master classes by experts in their fields namely Prafull Billore, Aakankshaa and Miti Shah.

So wait not and if you are looking to ace your content creation journey, get the right information and build the right skills. You can check out the course at Content Creation Mastery Course.

WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step

Another Bizgurukul course that will serve you just right as a digital creator is WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step. This is an integral part of your content creation course syllabus which is designed for students to learn website development from the start especially if they are looking for building their careers from their desks at home. It is a good career opportunity in the digital world and hence our choice to introduce it here. 

The course covers a broad spectrum where the website-related terms are introduced, the need for the same is explained followed by the workings of a website, the simple techniques of building them and coming up with various strategies to monetise them. Website development has been one of the oldest skills that emerged with the internet and shall remain so for a long time. With time, the process of building one has become easy and its importance multiplied.

So check out further details about the course at WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step.

Complete Guide to Instagram Growth

Just like Maths is to science, Instagram is to digital creation. This Bizguukul course is a must for every digital creator who is seeking a content creation course to build on his/her skills. The niche selection segment of the course alone discusses 100+ micro niches so as to help students create their own unique online space. The course makes sure that all the enrolments effectively learn about every feature of the platform and use them to expand reach, loyal following and by effect market authority.

Not only is this course presented by one of the most talented trainers in the industry, Mr. Digital Dhairya, but it also covers all aspects of the platform. Niche selection, profile optimisation and content strategy. Not only that, the course is designed for you to learn about lead generation, retargeting and monetisation that you can create through this highly efficient social media platform.

Check out further details of the course at Complete Guide to Instagram Growth.

Adobe Applications Mastery

Believe me when we say that we really tried to select one. But it would have not been fair to you, our readers. When we talk about content creation courses and Bizgurukul courses, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop, all three prove to be such important tools to learn. Why? Because we believe and are sure you would agree that videos are the place where the magic is happening right now and knowing how to leverage their full potential so that they are engaging and shareable is something that we as content creators just cannot afford to miss. 

So surely check out these incredible courses and do not miss this opportunity to learn them at such affordable deals.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro 
  2. Adobe After Effects
  3. Adobe Photoshop

Copywriting and Content writing

Yes. Again. Two. See, no matter what you choose to do as a content creator and of course whichever course you end up choosing, remember that copywriting and content writing are two skills that will continue to need your attention. You will have to learn them and if not, you will be using them in some form or the other.

So, learn these skills and start converting words into sales pitches or start expressing yourself better. Do not forget to learn what is SEO copywriting, the difference between copywriting and content writing and why these are among the top skills for monetization. 

Interesting isn’t it? 

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Check out these writing content creation courses at Learn Copywriting From Scratch and Content Writing Mastery Course.

So, although the write-up ends here, our last few words of wisdom are that, if you are a beginner, start by learning and implementing and not the other way around. If you are a professional, this is a reminder that if you stop learning, you stop growing. So, be sure to keep learning.

All the best!

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