How to Get Instagram Content Ideas

If you want/are doing content creation on Instagram, this article is just for you. Creating creative creations is a consistent and elaborate process and struggling with idea generation every day can be highly demotivating. 

But need not worry we are here to lighten your burden. We have brought to you 

some interesting, simple, and fun ways to generate Instagram content ideas for your profile. These ideas are centred to help you be consistent in your content creation journey and also increase your reach. So, start reading. It is going to be super fun when you start using this.

Let’s start!

Instagram Buzz

I have mentioned these in my former articles as well and I will repeat it as per its importance. Know what your audience is talking about. How? Tap on your followers’ list, select randomly and visit their profile. You can go through the comments section or visit the story section and find out the latest topics of discussion. It is a great source for you as an Instagram content creator to create Instagram content ideas.

You can also visit highly engaging profiles of your niche and create similar content. This step helps in expanding your reach as well.

Competitors and Niche Trends

Adding to your unique selling point, observing and learning from others in your niche, the trends that are being followed will help you a lot in your own Instagram content idea generation. Visit profiles, and observe content and engagement. Reading through the comments section during such research can help you to understand your audiences’ requirements, needs and interests.

Review old posts

Your old posts are mine for the creation of great Instagram content ideas. Log to your old content that may or may not have performed very well. Find out the loopholes that can now serve to generate new Instagram content ideas. It could be an update of former information shared, a new angle to present the prior information, a different content type to share the same information or an important point that was somehow omitted and can now be presented. Note these ideas and start creating.

Social Listening and Hashtags

Following relevant hashtags related to your niche and going through related posts is another great way to generate Instagram content ideas when you are working your way on this platform. There are quite some social listening tools available to help you like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Brandwatch etc. You can access these depending on your needs and budget. These give you an insight into how you can use and come up with your own ideas for trending topics, discussions, and interests of your audience.

Create a Series

Coming up with a series based on a theme is a great way to not only engage your audience strategically but also have quite a backup for your Instagram content ideas. These themes can be anything from a new product that you plan to launch, to a series about the people or the employees that are involved in your work, to help you grow. You can even run a series about others in your niche, maybe your competitors. This will ensure your reach expansion. Series helps a great deal in being consistent in your content publishing.


The audience is key. Only after knowing about your audience, can you try to sell yourself, your content, your product or your ideas. It defines your presentation i.e. your content type. Right from their location to their active online hours, their age, their interests, struggles, behaviour, everything.

This simple step will help you come up with better content that has greater potential to relate, engage and finally build trust and a loyal following for your personal brand.

Insights and Feedback

Insights and metrics analysis helps define and infer what works and resonates best with your audience. The engagement rate is your report card to understand how to curate content that interests your audience. Such analysis shows patterns and preferences of your audience and thus, helps you come up with similar Instagram content ideas.

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Feedback is a direct discussion with your audience about what they expect from your profile and how they perceive the content you present. You can engage and use all of it to come up with creative content ideas that serve you best.


If you look closely, Instagram’s interface is made in such a way that collaboration is something that the platform and the audience expect to see. You can come up with Instagram content ideas with brands, agencies, and other creators to create such content. It will not only create engagement, but it can also serve you like a series only using another feature of this incredible platform.

User-generated Content

I personally love this idea! Do you know why? Because this Instagram content idea serves three-fold. First, it is a legit content idea for a creator where they have to create a base and let the magic take over. Second, it increases the reach of your Insta profile. Third, it builds trust and authenticity in your personal brand. 

Now. How to do it? Simple, encourage your audience to create content that may review your content, is a testimonial of your services etc. and you are good to go. If budget allows, you can even price the best one according to your strategy and ensure maximum engagement.


As creators, we use many products that might be associated with our niche. Even your reviews can contribute a good deal to generating Instagram content ideas because not only the audience behaviour defines that such content is liked but also, such reviews invite brands and other creators to collaborate with you.


Whatever niche you belong to, providing value through information, education or motivation is key and it is our penny of wisdom that you should definitely generate Instagram content ideas keeping in mind what your audience takes away. Focus on providing an experience.

Pro-tip: Keep learning about new things related to your niche. There are numerous content creation courses too if you are looking to upgrade your skills as a creator. Check them out and ace your journey. 

Keep creating!

Happy Instagramming!

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