How to become a Social Media Content Creator

In this digital era, almost everyone has a smartphone, whether they are students , working professionals or seniors. Everyone uses the smartphone to watch their favourite content. Nowadays, billions of creators are creating content for education, entertainment, infotainment, and news, etc. 

Social media content creation has progressed so much in today’s time and it has brought good changes in the lives of people which includes learning through videos, staying connected with everybody around the globe, participating in discussions etc. 

As per studies, Indians who use smartphones on an average spend 4.9 hours daily online, which is more than enough for getting views on your content. All social media content  creators are developing especially from reels and shorts content because it helps creators to get personal brandconnect, increased profile visits, new followers and more reach.   

Niche Discovery 

To become a successful social media content creator, you have to decide what category is perfect for you to create content. Finding a niche will help you focus on something you are really good at. Creating regular content under that niche which is related to your expertise helps attract potential audiences. While choosing a niche you have to think about your strengths, capabilities and weaknesses it will give you clarity of what is to be done. Niche selection further helps you build your personal brand on social media.

Profile Optimisation 

Once you are clear about your niche, you should do one activity where you search keywords related to your niche . You can use such keywords in your profile bio username, captions, hashtags etc. Use of such keywords on your profile helps to get rank in the search bar of platforms. Optimise your social media profile to get in touch with your niche audience. 

Scripting and Storytelling 

Once you have created your profile in a niche related keyword, now you have to create regular content to connect or engage with your audience. Good scripting and perfect storytelling play a very important role in your content creation journey. Scripting makes your content relatable, engaging and connecting, you can use the latest trends in scripting to make your content go viral. Storytelling is art that helps to directly connect with your audience. It helps to build long term connection with your audience  

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Shooting and editing :  

To become a successful content creator, first, plan your video by outlining the content and shots you want to capture and then comes editing. Consider good lighting and clear audio extremely crucial for your content. After shooting, you go to the editing part of content creation. In this part you have cut such unnecessary parts with the help of user-friendly softwares. Finally, you should add a hook in the beginning of your content and call to action in the end to reach your content creation goal.

Publish & Engagement: 

Your next major focus should be on publishing and engaging with your audience. Publish consistently and along with that respond to comments and messages from your audience to build personal connections. Create posts that encourage discussions.

Track Instagram insights 

Regularly monitor your profile insights so that you kn ow what type of content works the best and what doesn’t so that you can further work in the right direction. Keep a note of the best time for engagement, pay attention to the reach, impressions, and engagement of your content.

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