How to be a Digital Content Creator

Content creation is a world full of opportunities. A digital content creator can do anything! Right from building your authority in the area of your expertise, producing content to promote your art or your services or, collaborating with others to promote them in any form. The best thing is that this journey is a job. You bring in everything and it’s yours. You can take it to any height you dream of. Even, to promote an oriented education in the field, today you can find many content creation courses in the market that teach you various aspects of the field.

In this article, we will try to learn the same. How to be a Digital Content Creator? What skills to learn and what steps to follow and much more. So if you haven’t found the sign to start your journey, this is the sign to start now.

Digital content creators are those who create content online using various platforms. However, there are multiple terms with which people get confused and to understand better, first, let’s get our heads cleared of that.

So, first, a digital creator as already mentioned is a creator who creates content online. In includes all content types too.

Second, a content creator is a person who creates content. It is not restricted to the online or offline segment. Thus, it is safe to say that all digital content creators are content creators but all content creators are not digital content creators which I am sure you would agree too.

Third, Influencers. A very widely used term which also very confusing to many. Now, I am sure it is clear to you that Influencers are digital content creators only. However, not all digital content creators are Influencers. They is a difference based on the fact that influencers promote services and products urging the audience to try and use them. However, digital creators create content to share value with their audiences.

Now, let us move on to understand the skills needed to become a digital content creator.

Research- Research is the first and most important skill for a digital content creator to start his or her journey in the field. You will need to research your niche, about your audience- their interests, their behaviour, consumerism, your content, social listening, the performance of your content and what changes you can do to improve. Hence whether you master your Googling skills, ask questions on platforms like Quora or use AI tools to find answers to your questions, research is something where you cannot miss out if you will to create content that engages and magnets. Research plays a key role in establishing how dedicated you are to your journey. It drips from the content you share. 

Basic knowledge of tools- You probably must be aware of this. Even if you aren’t labelling yourself a digital content creator, if you use online platforms for anything, chances are that you have learnt and picked up a few things for sure be it a simple photo editing or post editing tool that comes with the platform features itself. Basic knowledge of tools that help you edit, design, remove noise and enhance the overall quality of your content is essential. Sometimes you are travelling and connecting with your tea, from a distance is not that easy. Hence, tighten your belts and learn to do things on your own.

Editing skills- In a way, this topic is mentioned in the point above. However, it is more than the tools. If you are a blogger, a video editor, or your art incorporates your voice, having the knowledge of just not the tool but also, what works and how can you make it better and engaging is where the true skill lies. We would say that observe, read, listen to podcasts, watch related videos and upgrade your editing skills. Practice. Practicals are the latest trend!

SEO knowledge- SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the guide that lights your way of content creation. The most trending topics, the keywords related to your niche, basically everything that you can use to help your content make it to the top of the search list is through this optimization. So, if you want to make it big as a digital content creator, remember that you need to learn and apply the data of your search engine optimization research. There is a saying we use in our team when it comes to optimization, there is nothing we can overdo. Start simply with Google trends and the insights feature of your respective platforms. Slowly you can try other tools and techniques for deeper insights.

Knowledge of platforms- Any platform that might be doing rounds in the news can be your platform. But yet again. Research. Find out if the platform supports your content type! Know about the various platforms available and active in your country. As a digital content creator, you cannot miss out on leveraging social media to the maximum. Cross-promotion of your profiles and your content is a key aspect to do that. Are you using it? Only you can find the right and honest answer to it. We will stress again, Read. No, not only books, articles, and stories of other creators, the top creators in your niche. Adopt the strategies that worked for them. They might work for you too. If not, you will find what does. But you have to start.

Discipline- Almost all our articles, social media posts, and stories cry this out. Nothing beats consistency. Why? Because practice makes a man perfect. As you were required to attend school and college daily, your boss expects to see you at the office every day at the right time, and so does your audience. Your digital platform is your office and the audience is your boss. Make sure to show up every day and at the right time so that your audience finds you.

Now, that all the skills have been given to you, let us find the ways you can be a Digital Creator.

Promote your Art- Are you a writer? Or, do you paint? There are many more, storytelling, comedy, music, dance, calligraphy, photography, videography and the list goes on. If you are wondering as an artist, if you can make it as a digital content creator, the answer is YES! Digital content creation to promote your art form or by teaching it, you establish yourself as an expert in the field and the doors open for you in the form of gig invites, collaborations and much more. You can even teach things like Fitness techniques, Culinary etc. too.

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  • Become an Influencer- If you are someone who is the Jack of all trades and master of none, you might be just the right candidate to become an influencer and promote the services and products of other brands and agencies. You will be able to achieve anything. Start small, with the brands you follow and use. You can collaborate with others in your niche too. Follow and observe what the top Influencers have done before you and get to it.
  • Make your digital products- Come up with your album, an e-book, a digital application, an online course etc. Now work to sell it! Find the trends that will work in your favour and start creating. You can use user-generated content for this too. Testimonials, templates etc. are all that can help you increase your sales depending on your understanding of your audience and hence, the relatability factor. Link your website and other platforms in your creations so as to direct your traffic to find your product easily. Be sure to be consistent. 
  • Become a digital marketer- Today online marketing is one of the biggest sources of Income. Affiliate marketing and collaborative marketing are the top two forms of marketing that you can choose. The difference between the two is that, in affiliate marketing you receive a commission when you promote a product or service and make a sale. In collaborative marketing, you associate with a brand, they guide you on what you need to promote, the audience base etc. and they mostly provide hampers etc. as payment while you are expected to use your USP to promote. 
  • Promote your services- Are you working as a content writer, a designer, or a copywriter or is it photography, makeup, decor, etc? Be it anything. Today on the internet, people from all walks of life, and various fields are promoting authentic promotions for their services. Does not make a difference if you are a finance handler, an educator, or a restaurant, no promotion is more promotion plus it helps to establish your brand as one of the best in the industry making maximum people aware of it. 

Now, make goals that are easy to measure and achieve. Set a timeline for it and start doing it. The best has just begun.

All the best!

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