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We have been creating so much content about content creation, and numerous content creation courses, now let us read and understand a Digital creator’s journey to become one, and the profession in detail, especially on Instagram. Digital creators are people who create content on online platforms. Every digital creator is a content creator but all content creators are not digital creators. A simple difference between the two is that, a digital creator creates content only for online platforms while content creators create it for any platform, online or offline. Interestingly, there is another group of creators who are massively mixed with the term digital creator. They are called Influencers.

A major and in fact, the only difference between an influencer and a digital creator is that influencers create content for the promotion of services and products and urge audiences to use them however, a digital creator tries to provide informative content that, which provides value to their consumers.

Now that you have understood the difference between the two, let us understand what the skills needed to become a digital creator and how can you become one on Instagram.

Lets’s start,

Research- To become a successful digital content creator, the first step is to know about your niche. Knowing about your target audience is also an important part of this step. It also includes aligning your interests with that of your audience and finally creating content that they interact with. During the process of content creation, detailed research is required to know what your competition is publishing and fill up the gaps they might have left through your content. You can do so by asking your audience directly through story features of polls, Ask me, or your comment section. Other ways include you visiting your audience’s profile and going through their interests like what are they up to and what are they talking about. Keeping a close tap on your posts and profile insights will surely enhance your ability to track your audience’s behaviour.

Basic knowledge of tools- Through the content creation process, having a good toolkit is extremely important. It not only helps in increasing efficiency, the quality of the content is also enhanced. Researching the tools you need, choosing the best in line with your needs and using them are certain attributes a digital creator has to follow. Since we are specifically talking about Instagram, all the features this platform provides are nothing less than your specific platform toolkit using which creators have been using to ace their content quality. Some of these features include cross-sharing your content on Facebook, Numerous story tools like transcription, caption, links, music, of course, the very popular filters etc. In these times when videos are so famous, try out the reel feature on the platform if you haven’t already. Combine many tools. The best thing about this platform is that you can integrate other tools with it. One great example is Hootsuite. This application allows you to schedule your publishings and keep your profile active even when you are on the go.

Editing skills- Whether you are a blogger, a video creator, or even a voice artist, having basic editing and graphic skills helps you to create content independently and on the go. Although there are no features on the platform for bloggers, you can certainly use filters, add music, and captions, transcribe, and add effects and graphics using this platform that not only enhances quality but also helps increase engagement.

SEO knowledge- Knowing how to leverage Search Engine Optimization to create the most relatable and targeted content is a must-have skill. You can use simple, easy-to-use tools like Google Trends for the same. Instagram even has an Insights feature for your content and your profile to understand to track its performance and you can leverage it to create more tailored content accordingly. Better if you combine these two and get to understand what will work best for your audience.

Knowledge of platforms- Though this article is Insta specific in order to make your content creation game even stronger we decided to add this point. As a digital creator, online social media platforms or various other open websites are where you will create your content and share it with your consumers. Cross-promotion across platforms is a must as it diversifies your consumers and also your content. In order to make full use of such a space, knowing the various options that support a certain kind of content type, or a particular kind of creator is important so that you can choose the best according to your skillset, needs and even monetisation opportunities.

Discipline- Consistency is key for a digital creator and if you are honing to be one having the disciple of creating and publishing on a schedule will decide your fate as a successful career. According to research, it has been observed that those creators who share content consistently are automatically pushed on Instagram and their conversion rate of creating a loyal following is quite high. For Instagram, it is highly recommended to publish content once daily not exceeding twice, or, at least thrice in a week.  However, this is dependable on your audience so as to not cause burnout.

Now, let us know how to become a digital creator on Instagram. Below are the steps for the same,

  1. Know your niche– As stated before, knowing your niche is an important part of this journey without which, a lack of clarity will be visible in your profile which shall confuse your audience as well. So research, research and research. The more specific, the better understanding and thus, a better output. For achieving this, know your interests and skills on which you will be willing to work for a substantial amount of time.
  2. Know your audience– Knowing your audience is another important step. Knowing your audience helps you align your content pillar and strategize your content. We have specified this point multiple times before and here in this article too. This is the backbone of your content creation as your audience decides your success as a content creator. So, ask them, engage with them, track insights and curate content accordingly.
  3. Choose a platform– Choosing a platform that fits well with your requirements and selected content type shall benefit you. For Instagram, graphical content and videos are primary depending on your niche will work. The features and even the interface of the platform are designed in such a way so as to create ease for users to interact with such content. So are other platforms. Hence decide wisely based on strong research.
  4. Idea generation– For creating content consistently, bulk idea generation is something that you cannot afford to ignore. You can repurpose your old content, find what others in your niche are creating, have a look out for the latest trends and news related to your niche and much more. Get innovative. Your story section has more ability than you think. Interacting with your audience to brainstorm ideas is a great place to start.
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  6. Content creation– Start writing, shooting videos or creating those graphics etc. Create content that is not only relatable but also provides value to your consumers. Know that everything that you are creating has been done before and only if you keep it original, that your content shall work. Even while collaborations, remember to incorporate the service or tools you will promote is incorporated in the type of content you share and in the end doesn’t feel to be just a promotion, but a valuable and relatable experience.
  7. Edit and publish– Publish your content at almost the same time every day to create anticipation in your audience. Show up every day. Satisfy their dose but with a surprise to keep it fresh and dynamic.

Now, having smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed shall help you to be on schedule and create great content that shall not only build your career but also provide value to those who consume it.

Happy Instagraming!

All the best!

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